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Baby German Satin cross Angora Bunnies available in 2016.





Fiber enthusiasts love Angora Bunnies.  We get the enjoyment of not only having easy access to gorgeous and soft prime fur, but we also have the privilege of raising these sweet creatures.    I wanted to share my journey of creating and growing a Rabbitry.  I’ll post pictures and  articles which highlight my plans, mistakes and successes.  I’m a Fiber Enthusiast, so initially I chose French and Satin Angora Bunnies to raise.  But, you may be interested in a different breed.

In addition to the fur, the manure also can serve a purpose in the garden. And, though I have no plans to utilize them in this way, they are also in a group of rabbits considered meat bunnies.  They are a mid size bunny at 7-10 pounds.

I have had my Rabbitry now for 4 years.  Though originally I had two breeding pairs, one French Angora pair and one Satin Angora pair, I have now slightly changed direction.  During 2016, I will be breeding a Black German Hybrid (94%) with several Satin females. As a fiber enthusiast, it is not important for me to have pure bred anything.  Though having a purebred Satin is nice, I can always breed the Satin gene back into the German / Satin line.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these German/Satin kits, please feel free to contact me at mariancummings@yahoo.com.  The prices for my bunny kits has remained the same since I started breeding in 2014.  It is $100 per bunny.

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